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Drone Photography & Videography for Star, Idaho


Do you need aerial photography to show off a new home near Star, Idaho? Can aerial photos help you with permits or tracking construction progress? Or would you just like to see what your property looks like from a bird’s eye view (if the bird were a veteran drone-flying professional)? You need Josh at Boise Aerial Drone Photography to get that perfect angle and that perfect shot.

We are a small veteran-owned drone services company based out of Boise, ID, and love to travel, especially throughout Treasure Valley.  Drone photography helps us show real estate and construction projects from new angles. You might be surprised about how impactful and efficient an aerial perspective can be for your project. Call us today at (208) 912-2963 for a consultation. 

Aerial Drone Photographer


There are a lot of reasons to hire an aerial drone photographer. Anyone can buy a drone these days, but few people know how to fly them well enough to get smooth panning shots and perfect angles that separate the amateur from the professional.
We do rooftop inspections and
real estate drone photography both residential and commercial, and we make videos to show how something is coming along from start to finish, like a construction drone photography project for instance. 
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Real Estate Drone Photography

Are you a realtor? We can provide you with the shots you’re craving of properties you’re trying to sell. Imagine this: you fly in across the neighborhood, enter through the front door, see every major room, fly out the back door, get a panoramic look at the house in the context of the neighborhood, and fly away into the sunset. With the right kind of talent–the kind of talent at Boise Aerial Drone Photography–a video like that can make a piece of property sell fast. 

Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography

Star is growing fast and this is a competitive market, but the perfect look from the perfect angle can make all the difference and help your listing rise above the rest. Commercial buyers want a sense of the scale of the workspace they’ll be working in. Show them the property from a bird’s eye view. Our commercial drone photography skills will turn buyers’ heads and make your listing stand out among the rest. We can get you photos that look crisp and clean.
With our products, you can:
  • Put the video on your listing. 
  • Use the photos on Instagram. 
  • Showcase the videos and photos on all your social media platforms.
Aerial photographs and videos will attract attention to your property in the best ways, providing a huge step up in effective marketing for new construction.  

Drone Rooftop Inspections

You don’t have to get up on a roof or a ladder anymore to pass inspections. A drone can get all of those shots without risking anyone’s neck. Even if you have to get up there, it is almost always better to look before you leap.

Hire our drone imaging services, and we can look at any nook, crevice, or hard-to-see corner that would be dangerous to see otherwise. Then we’ll take photos of any section you like and get a shot of the entire house looking straight down from fifty feet up. It’s a lot faster than waiting for Google Maps to update the latest satellite photos, which could take years. You can have those shots tomorrow, taken professionally with the latest technology. 

Construction Photography and Videography

One of the great things about drone photography is that it takes minimal effort to get the same shot from the same angle multiple times over a span of weeks or months. When you have an expert doing it, you can receive distinctive time lapses of how your construction project is coming together for display on a website.

Sometimes, letting a consumer see the real building taking shape is enough to clinch the deal. Or if you are the consumer, you can receive extra peace of mind with aerial inspections to feel good about your purchase. Call Boise Aerial Drone Photography today. We can get those videos and photos to you easily.


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Hire Boise Aerial Drone Photography to get the digital footage you need for your business in Star, Idaho – whether it's selling or buying real estate, surveying land, checking up on construction progress, and more. Ask for Josh at (208) 912-2963 or contact us online. Count on our industrial drone photography services. You won't regret it. 
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