Drone Photography and Videography in Middleton, ID


Welcome to Boise Aerial Drone Photography. We are a small, veteran-owned company based in Boise, ID, that specializes in photography using remote-controlled drones with high-quality cameras. We offer our drone services to the broader Treasure Valley area, including Middleton, which is great for showing off both commercial and residential real estate.

Our founder and primary drone pilot and photographer is Josh, and he loves to work wherever he is needed to get the perfect shots for our customers. Call us at  (208) 912-2963 for a consultation. 

Real Estate Drone Photography in Middleton

“Life is Better Here” is the official saying of Middleton, Idaho, and the current real estate market will support the statement. Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, it can be advantageous to see a property from a bird’s eye view–or as near as we can get, short of having wings.

You can get the footage you need quickly and efficiently from a skilled drone pilot who can take pristine photographs and drone videos to order. 

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Aerial Photography for Residential Real Estate

Picture a one-shot-take gliding towards your property. Enter through the front door, tour various staged rooms, and exit the back door. Survey the backyard and finally fly away into the distance to see the house in the context of its photogenic neighborhood.

Josh can make
real estate drone photography or video like this a reality. These images capture the perfect essence of the property and then deliver digital files that are easy to upload straight to real estate listings or social media posts. 
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Drone Photos & Videos for Commercial Real Estate


Commercial real estate in a town like Middleton might include properties in the historic district, retail storefronts along the popular main drag on Highway 44, or a large plot of Idaho farmland. Getting the right kind of angle in listing photographs is paramount if you want to attract the right buyer. Check out our Commercial Real Estate Page to see how we help display your property. 
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Drone Rooftop Inspections & Other Videography


Drone Photography is not limited to real estate. You can hire our drone services to do rooftop inspections, for instance, without the need to risk life and limb.

You can also hire our drone videography services to scout out how a
construction project  in Middleton is coming along; it keeps everyone on the same page about the progress.

Our drone services are an effective way to
market your new construction. We’ll get you the digital files and let you use them however you wish.

Hire a skilled drone pilot from Boise Aerial Drone Photography to procure the pictures you need, whether for real estate, land surveying, permit inspections, monitoring construction, and more.

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With us, you will have an unmatched experience of professional drone photography. Ask for Josh at (208) 912-2963 for a consultation or connect with us through our online contact form.
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