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Drone Photography in Emmett, ID


Boise Aerial Drone Photography is a veteran-owned, Boise-based aerial drone photography company that offers our services to the greater Treasure Valley area, including Emmett. We do real estate drone photography and videography for residential and commercial properties, as well as drone services for construction projects.

Our owner, Josh Garling, is a U.S. Armed Forces veteran who now pilots drones to capture professional aerial photographs for customers in and around Emmett. If you need sky perspective images of your real estate listing, contact us today at (208) 912-2963. Ask for Josh! 
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Real Estate Drone Photography and Videography


Polished drone photos and videos in real estate listings help move properties more efficiently. Our drone services can clearly show the property from all angles in professional images that complement any listing, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Some artful drone videography can truly 'wow' a potential buyer. 
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Residential Real Estate Listings


Our drone videos capture a seamless fly-through of every major room in the house that imitates an actual walk-through. Buyers intuitively know it’s harder to hide things in three dimensions from a flying eye quadcopter. Professional videography goes a long way to impress people, especially when they can see everything without a single break in the footage.

We can take still drone images of your home from angles you would otherwise be unable to get. Our goal is to help you make your property stand out. We will listen to get exactly what you are looking for and take the drone shots you request, and we have the experience to guide compelling creative pictures to represent the property in its best light. 


Commercial Real Estate Listings

Drone imaging services can give buyers a sense of scale when they’re looking at a piece of commercial real estate. A commercial real estate photographer can get sweeping fly-over videos and interior walkthroughs that imitate an in-person walkthrough. 

Roofing Inspections: Drone Services for Safety & Efficiency

Getting rooftop images has never been safer and easier. You can hire our commercial drone services to do roof inspections. Our equipment is sophisticated enough to give you an accurate assessment of your building.
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Construction Drone Photography

Easily keep tabs on any residential, commercial, or agricultural construction going up in Emmett with our construction drone photography and videography services. We will schedule periodic visits to shoot photos and videos of how a project is progressing over time.

We can compile the drone images at the end of the project as an effective way to market the
new construction and your business. 


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Josh is your local drone expert at Boise Aerial Drone Photography, serving Emmett and the greater Boise area. Call us for a quote at (208) 912-2963 or fill out an online contact form. 
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